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Meeting Planners – bring one of these popular and information-packed courses to your next meeting or event:

Safeguarding Your Assets: How SAFE (Stop All Forms of Embezzlement) is your practice? Learn 17 little-known prevention guidelines and 10 warning signs that you may have a potential embezzler on your team. Don’t become (another!) statistic – especially during tough economic times!

Preventable/Proactive Measures: Learn how to stop misappropriations before they happen using a system analysis that provides your dental practice with valuable information, including whether or not you need to investigate further.

Measuring Practice Success: How running the right reports and measuring the right numbers can make – or break – your bottom line, including your retirement plans! Learn how to be your own practice consultant.

Empowering the Dental Team for Exceptional Results: Is your team running like a well-oiled machine, or are you in need of a tune-up? Hear why accountability and responsibility are key components for ensuring the entire dental team understands their job description, and how to put these systems in place in your practice. 

Accounts Receivable Management: How does your accounts receivable balance measure up to industry standards? Are you collecting less than 90%? Less than 95%? What is right and possible for you? Whatever your “number” learn collection procedures to maximize cash flow and minimize costly and disheartening adjustments and write-offs.

The Exceptional Hygiene Program: How well is your practice doing with recall? Are you leaving money on the shelf – literally. Learn easy and effective ways to evaluate your continuing care system, and put procedures in place to keep those hygiene seats full for good.

Human Resource Compliancy: How compliant is your practice with state and federal personnel policies? Do you know the potential (costly) consequences of non-compliance? Get information on how to structure and update your Personnel Policy Manual, and never have to worry about HR compliance issues again.

New Dental Practice Start-ups: Starting a new dental practice? Get a checklist for success that ensures you get off to a strong start and avoid common mistakes and errors that can easily result in lost time and money. Start smart!

Successfully Managing Change: Do you have, or are you considering, a new associate in your practice? Is your practice in transition of another kind? Learn the vital steps you need to know to manage change effectively, and with minimal stress or decreased production.

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